Happy New Year 2013

Yesterday I was in Times Square, and a gentleman suddenly handed me this card. The back of the card had three resolutions listed and it explained that most resolutions are broken within the first month. Isnt’ that true? It read that there is still one decision that can last a lifetime. The bottom read: Let Y’shua wipe the slate clean. I thought the message was sweet and decided to post it and give the credit where it’s due. The card was created by Jews For Jesus in NY.
Surely, each time I am there, someone leaves their mark. Maybe they hand me something, or perhaps I listen to one of the many hidden talented musicians there. Or maybe someone squeezes in a train car to sing or just make one laugh for some change. It adds an interesting feel, making it a unique NYC train ride. Still others just alert the public to connect with God as masses of subway riders flash on by. Everyone seems to be in such a rush…including me. So, why not wipe the slate clean and try to begin this year closer to God? Sounds like a good resolution to me. Happy New Year to all!new yr card


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