Pre-K Scientists!

This past weekend we took our two little scientists to Liberty Science Center to do their very first science experiment. They were so excited to try on their oversized lab coats.  Yes, much too big, but oh so cute! They sat down, surprisingly quiet for a pair under five.  It was a pleasant surprise to see them cooperating and so engaged as they followed step by step directions. They needed to do the salt water wedge model as a team.   The purpose of the experiment was to offer a visual representation of how salt water from the ocean meets and mixes with freshwater flowing from the Hudson River.

Most children love to play with water and color. This experiment had both and I believe that is what sparked their interest, making it a success! They took turns adding salt to one section, to make it  “beach salty” and adding blue and red dye to separate compartments. At the end, they were able to see how the two waters mix and create “brackish” water. As parents, we are the first teachers and should not pass the opportunity to be part of shaping young little minds.  It’s never too late to create indelible memories with your children or grandchildren through science.  This activity was fun, educational and one they remember well. Young little minds are sharp and comprehend much more than we may believe.

As always, here are the photos of the two cousins in action. Have a great weekend!IMG_8543alexis.scientist.snp.end.collage.snpa.n.j.snp.frameANJ.start.exp.snp


Prayers For Giza

Most of us have probably never heard of Retinoblastoma or know someone that has it. It is a rare form of  pediatric eye cancer that affects children under five years of age. I read that about 40% of children are diagnosed with this condition each year and it is treatable when found early.  My friend’s daughter, Giza, was diagnosed with Retinoblastoma in both eyes this past December.  It was devastating for her and her husband to learn that her one year old could lose her eyesight due to cancer and 8 tumors detected.  This diagnosis will crush any parent, shaking them at their very core.

Giza has been receiving chemotherapy and battling eye cancer for several months now. She is your typical sweet, bouncy one year old, yet unaware of her illness. Rebecca is determined to fight for her daughter and is participating at a Cancer Dance-a-thon this Fall to help pay for the very expensive treatments. If anyone is interested in making a donation to help with the medical expenses,  Giza has a charitable trust fund at Wells Fargo. You can learn more by searching her Cancer Dancethon for Giza on Facebook.  Her page has videos and photos of her preparing for the competition as well as her baby at the hospital.   I encourage you to uplift this mommy and her family in prayers.  A prayer costs nothing and can make a big difference.

I took these photos last week while she trained with Y’shun Fields. The other photo was taken at church with Pastor Brad Flook. She is a military veteran and a woman of God that believes, like I do, that God can heal her daughter. I reach out to you, my readers, to pray for this child because we want to witness a miracle!  Thank you for reading.