Mommy, I love you…

These are the are the words that truly melt my heart away on a daily basis. The softness and sincerity that comes with them is so profound.  So innocent. Genuine love is pure.  Today is Mother’s Day and my birthday as well so I have a lot to celebrate.  I am still recovering from a bad case of wheezing/bronchitis, but telling myself I feel great!  I decided to post a pic of me taken yesterday to mark the happy occasion. So, today is the day you meet Snapfairy!

I thank God for blessing me with a mom that guided me and gave her all to shape me  into the  person I am today.  I am also blessed to be a mother to a sweet  little boy that is truly my pride and joy. He asked me a few days ago what I wanted for Mother’s Day,  so I told him I already had the best gift. Him of course!  Sure, presents and flowers are nice. Yet they cannot compete with the heartfelt love and warm hugs only a child can give.

Happy Mother’s Day to my mom, sisters, grandmother,  friends, and mommy bloggers!  Love you all. Enjoy your day ~ although I truly think we are mothers every single day, don’t you think? momday


15 thoughts on “Mommy, I love you…

  1. You look beautiful chica! Happy birthday! Happy mother’s day! Enjoy your day with your beautiful little boy! Love you!

  2. How sweet! I subscribe to says I am following you, yet I get none of your post notifications. Do you have a follow widget somewhere? As I think I followed you using the button at the very top in the wordpress area…and that one seems unreliable. Let me know! God bless you! Beautiful photos!

    • Thanks Lyn! Not sure why you don’t receive the notifications….hmm, strange right? Maybe check the area where the reader is and click on the blogs we follow. I don’t know, but perhaps there may be something helpful there. Thanks for the like and dropping by!

  3. Those lovely sweet warming words are always such a delight to hear. Although they are made from mankind, nevertheless, the feeling these three simple words have allowed us to evoke after centuries of existence is no less beautiful and meaningful than nature itself. Especially more so when they come from our little angels. Happy Mother’s Day to you! And may I add you are beautiful. How sweet to have you and the cupcakes aligned together 🙂

    • Thank you for the compliments BL. The mini cheesecakes were so yummy ~ I had to include them! One was vanilla and the other mango cheesecake. Thanks so much for the good wishes – your comments always make me smile.

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