Valentine’s Day Delivery!

This sweet little guy was delivered on Valentine’s Day so I had the opportunity to take these a week later. How can one not be thrilled  to work with a baby that is  just 7 days new?  It was my first experience photographing a newborn so this was certainly exciting and fun for me.   After a two hour session  I finally had an excuse to hold the little darling in my arms and play new mommy again. ; )  There is something  so irresistible about the warm softness and scent of a newborn baby. Say hello to the world Julian!


Hello Again!

Today I decided it was time to reconnect with my friends at WordPress.  I know it has been very long time since my last post. I let myself get wrapped in work  and being a mom, yet am going to try to post more when possible.  I suppose it is not too late to wish everyone a healthy and Happy New Year 2014. I assure you I  missed reading your posts and sharing mine!

I had a scare some months ago after I had a mammogram that found calcification on both my breasts, yet after my biopsy all results were normal thank God above. It is a wake up call that our bodies are delicate vessels we need to care for closely.  In my case, I have to monitor twice a year just to be safe. bird.greetings

I can’t wait to hear from all of you again and catch up with your posts. : )  All the best to you!