Valentine’s Day Delivery!

This sweet little guy was delivered on Valentine’s Day so I had the opportunity to take these a week later. How can one not be thrilled  to work with a baby that is  just 7 days new?  It was my first experience photographing a newborn so this was certainly exciting and fun for me.   After a two hour session  I finally had an excuse to hold the little darling in my arms and play new mommy again. ; )  There is something  so irresistible about the warm softness and scent of a newborn baby. Say hello to the world Julian!


17 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Delivery!

  1. What a lovely gift from god
    he is so cute dear so beautiful
    look at his small hands
    and tiny fingers so lovely

    love him dear 🙂

    • Aww thank you Ajay! He is my cousin’s baby and we are all so happy with his arrival. New life is just precious and newborns remind us of that ; ) Thanks for your kind words – always great to see you here.

    • Yes. thank you. Work was time consuming but finally on vacation. A lot has happened but I miss blogging and reading from you all – need to get back!
      Hope you are well too….blessings ; )

  2. I see above my comment that Ajaytao had been here march 2014. In the event you are not aware – I regret to inform you of our fellow blogger’s passing; it was sudden.

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