A school teacher. A mommy. A shutterbug.





16 thoughts on “About

  1. your photos are beautiful my dear. i’m not a photographer but i appreciate the art and effort of it. and i have a thing for up close and personal shots, so i’m digging all of yours. 🙂 as a parent, let me just say i appreciate everything you do as a teacher. teachers are my heroes!! and congrats on being a mommy. it’s hard and it rocks. 🙂 –kris

    • Thank you so much Kris…u made my day with your sweet compliment! So nice to see you checked out my new blog. I am a newbie at this, but really enjoy it so far. Take care and see you around : )

  2. Nice to meet you. many of my school teachers have inspired me to chase my dreams. you guys don’t get the credit you deserve. Have a wonderful day!

  3. Good Morning , nice to meet You and Your blog 🙂 Great posts, great ideas , pleasure to be here , i wish You the best,in free time see my little place too, Regards from Poland , EM

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