Valentine’s Day Delivery!

This sweet little guy was delivered on Valentine’s Day so I had the opportunity to take these a week later. How can one not be thrilled  to work with a baby that is  just 7 days new?  It was my first experience photographing a newborn so this was certainly exciting and fun for me.   After a two hour session  I finally had an excuse to hold the little darling in my arms and play new mommy again. ; )  There is something  so irresistible about the warm softness and scent of a newborn baby. Say hello to the world Julian!

Hello Again!

Today I decided it was time to reconnect with my friends at WordPress.  I know it has been very long time since my last post. I let myself get wrapped in work  and being a mom, yet am going to try to post more when possible.  I suppose it is not too late to wish everyone a healthy and Happy New Year 2014. I assure you I  missed reading your posts and sharing mine!

I had a scare some months ago after I had a mammogram that found calcification on both my breasts, yet after my biopsy all results were normal thank God above. It is a wake up call that our bodies are delicate vessels we need to care for closely.  In my case, I have to monitor twice a year just to be safe. bird.greetings

I can’t wait to hear from all of you again and catch up with your posts. : )  All the best to you!

A Bouquet of Super Awards – 27 Nominations

Dear friends,

I Just wanted to share that I have been nominated for a Bouquet of Super Awards with 27 nominations by Ajaytao2010.  Ajay really surprised me last month with this lovely nomination.  As a new blogger, I am truly happy to be part of your lives and hope we continue this way for many more years.  I  just realized I have been blogging one year now( since August 5, 2012) so these awards arrived  at a great time!

Ajaytao,  you are an inspiration to many here and I truly admire you. Thanks for these three awards and for the joy they bring. I accept them with a warm heart because they  come from you, making them incredibly special.

You may see why Ajay is so dear to us here





Love is in the air…

Hello friends! It seems like I have not posted in some time.  I have been keeping  busy lately and trying to stay cool these past few weeks. I  photographed this wedding in Central Park, NY  just a few weeks ago.  The oppressive heat caused my entire face to break out in a rash, yet  I decided it wasn’t going to keep me from capturing these images.  The bride and groom were uncomfortable too. I give them credit for cooperating even though they  probably felt like melted chocolate that afternoon!   I have been editing ever since and decided to share these with you. Bride.thinking.snp.A&E.distance.snpA&E.caress.snpA&E.playing.snpPreweddingkiss.snpA&

Sweet Summer Escape

Summer has arrived so I am sharing the photos I took this weekend while relaxing at the nature center.  I decided to go very early in the morning to have some quiet time to myself.  We all need a little time alone at times! Sometimes life can get too busy so it helps to reconnect with nature and our Creator.  Here I was surrounded by varying sounds of insects, birds, butterflies, bees and a shy bunny that crossed my path.  I had the place entirely to myself  – a real treat. Later some runners and couples arrived, yet it remained quiet.  No radio, no TV,  no cellphone. Yes, I lowered that too. Try it sometime! reflection.snpnat.cntr.snpant.flwr.snp1043930_170168529828689_29575866_nflower.snp

Super Moon Lights The Sky Tonight!

Last night I went out to photograph this beautiful, mysterious “super moon” as it’s called. I noticed I wasn’t the only one with the camera!  If you have not viewed it yet, try do so tonight. Apparently it is the largest and closest full moon of this year. It will be the moon’s closest encounter with earth and will appear larger and brighter than usual. This presents a great opportunity for you to view and/or take photos of this celestial phenomenon.  I will be looking out tonight to see if the Sunday full moon appears larger than last night. Should be interesting to see if I notice a difference. The moon rise is this evening  so happy moon gazing everyone!Full moon.June.snp

Splash! Nemo Pool Party

This weekend we had had loads of fun at my little cousin’s 1st birthday  party. Everyone had a grand time playing fishy games at the kiddie pool, throwing beach balls, or just squirting an unsuspected guest. I had to run for cover a few times, concerned my camera would get soaked.

The birthday boy slept much of his birthday and looked so cute with his Nemo swimming gear. After much playing in the sun everyone enjoyed a delicious BBQ.  Later that night guests had popcorn, cotton candy, cupcakes, cake pops, sea themed cookies, chocolate fondue with fruits, etc. The treat table was total eye candy….literally!  Later we were asked to take the centerpieces home and the children couldn’t be more excited. The table centerpieces were pretty fish bowls containing happy, bright goldfish that guests willingly took home that night. Congrats to Karen & Manny ….. your little Nemo was the cutest, roundest little fish there. fishbwl.snpSweetbaby.snptabletreatscotton.spin.snp

Remembering Our Fallen

Today we honor all the brave men and women that served and died for our country.  This is a special day for all Americans to feel pride and remember them with a grateful heart. A day to recall the price of our freedom.  I am not posting any photos of my own today, just wishing everyone a peaceful Memorial Day.


Mommy, I love you…

These are the are the words that truly melt my heart away on a daily basis. The softness and sincerity that comes with them is so profound.  So innocent. Genuine love is pure.  Today is Mother’s Day and my birthday as well so I have a lot to celebrate.  I am still recovering from a bad case of wheezing/bronchitis, but telling myself I feel great!  I decided to post a pic of me taken yesterday to mark the happy occasion. So, today is the day you meet Snapfairy!

I thank God for blessing me with a mom that guided me and gave her all to shape me  into the  person I am today.  I am also blessed to be a mother to a sweet  little boy that is truly my pride and joy. He asked me a few days ago what I wanted for Mother’s Day,  so I told him I already had the best gift. Him of course!  Sure, presents and flowers are nice. Yet they cannot compete with the heartfelt love and warm hugs only a child can give.

Happy Mother’s Day to my mom, sisters, grandmother,  friends, and mommy bloggers!  Love you all. Enjoy your day ~ although I truly think we are mothers every single day, don’t you think? momday

Fun at Liberty Science

Today I finally found time to write and post images from our recent trip to Liberty Science Center in NJ. My little one has been really sick so I have been Dr. Mom all week and I am still on watch.  This trip was great fun and I highly recommend it to anyone who has not visited yet.  The Curious George exhibition was a favorite and will be at the center until May 12, 2013 just in case anyone can make it.

The munchkins had fun using pipes,ramps, funnels, bumpers and force to experiment with physics. They played mini golf and climbed into the “rocket slide” where they took a photo of their first space adventure. After that, they walked to the “country” and visited the set up farm. They learned about cause and effect while using wind power to move windmills and wind chimes.  They were also able to play with a real rotary phone.  Ah, to be three again.

They little engineers had soaking wet fun using clamshell dredge. They used the handles to scoop out rocks and sediment and learned how to empty the bin. It is a great opportunity to teach them how dredging maintains the harbor clean and showing them just how engineers do it with these machines. The alligator snapping turtle was a favorite and so was this snapshot of a cute little turtle we met there. It appears to be walking and made the little ones chuckle. : ) CLAMD.snpa.walking.turtle.snpAlexis.sopretty.snp